What makes Wild Society superior?


First and foremost, a large issue concerning hunters and fisherman today is the moral dilemma we are forced to endure every time we use our dollars to support companies that produce good coffee, but turn and use that dollar to fight to take away what we love most. When you choose Wild Society, you choose a superior product and peace of mind knowing that your money went towards the fight to protect your rights as an outdoorsman.

Beyond the value impact in our core beliefs, our coffee is made through the platinum standard process of microgrind. Most other instant coffee brands brew and then dehydrate your coffee. We use a more in depth process that holds the intergrity of the coffee flavor, ensuring no taste or quality is lost.

Microgrind essentially grinds the coffee bean in to a superfine powder that when mixed with hot or cold water allows the coffee to  be brewed almost instantly. Being in the wild doesn’t mean you have to drink a cup of mud.