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Our pledge to you

20% Profits =
Real Conservation*

1. Locate

Target a project that puts resources back into wild places. Fund the project, pick the people, arrive and get to work. This surprisingly unique approach of personal involvement is what sets the Wild Society apart. It requires those who are used to jumping in and getting their hands dirty. Stay tuned as we develop our website to bring opportunities for you to join us.

2. Revive

Working together with Kuiu Conservation Direct, Leupold, the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society, the Arizona Game & Fish Department, and a host of volunteers to implement the transplant of 82 bighorn sheep. 30 desert bighorn and 52 rocky mountain bighorn were captured, health checked, tagged and relocated into 4 different remote locations in Arizona with the highest chance of population growth. Watch the Conservation Direct Arizona - KCD4. New 2022 projects to be released soon.

3. Real Impact

We work with a team of wildlife ecologists, educators, and other partners to develop science-based strategies with real impact. Relocating healthy wild sheep herds to be reintroduced to past environments. Releasing trout bred in hatcheries to scientifically restock wild waters. Building guzzlers so wildlife have sufficient water available to drink. We are committed to the right approach to game and habitat management.

Through almost all of human existence, huntable land and huntable wildlife have preceded the hunter. They caused the hunter.

But in the future this must be reversed. It is the hunter who must cause huntable land and wildlife, and a world worth being young in.
John Madson, Out Home, 1979

2022 Conservation Missions


We will build guzzlers in dry places, advance the call for predator management, and innumerable other initiatives that we will participate in doing with our money and with our people and customers.

Sheep in AZ

We will spend 20% of our profits to put sheep back on the mountain in Arizona this year...


We will bring trout back to their ancestral head waters. We take conservation very seriously. In fact, it’s our main goal at Wild Society. We are committed to working to manage, protect, and preserve our public lands and waters with the scientists that know them best.