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Gourmet Coffee To

Fuel Your Experience

A cup of coffee is the cornerstone to start the day. As a community of adventurers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts based in Montana, we've taken it upon ourselves to bring you better coffee, that isn't limited to the confines of a coffee shop or barista stand.

Customers Love Wild Society Coffee

For those of us who spend any amount of time in the mountains sleeping in a tent. It’s the little things that can take a good experience to a great one, or days of bad weather to manageable. For me a cup of great morning coffee is often all it takes to bring about the positive feelings and an attitude that todays is going to be great. Wild Society Coffee not only makes this happen for me but, I also know that I am supporting a company who is involved in active conservation projects. The owners of this company not only put their money were their mouth is, they personally get their hands dirty in the conservation efforts.

My personal favourite coffee on the mountain is the Columbian Blend. Look for the goat!
Greg McHale
We woke up very early to climb "The Rock". We brewed up a big pot of Wild Society Coffee. Helped us get to the top in record time. Great job Nick and Matt. Keep up the good work. WSC has a permanent home in our cook box in camp.
James Lucero
The Wild Society instant honey coffee tastes like a magical honey bee circus on the tip of tongue! Way good!
Brian Morris
Wrangling in the backcountry sometimes makes it tough to find a good coffee. Not only do I love spending time in wilderness areas, but I also love coffee. Wild Society mixes my love of the outdoors & conservation with a great cup of coffee!
Megan Edwards

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