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How To Make The Best Backcountry Coffee

How To Make The Best Backcountry Coffee

Like most, I can appreciate a warm drink on the glassing knob while looking for a healthy black bear or after returning to camp from a late-night pack-out. Early spring hunting can bring all conditions to the high country, and having little luxuries can make a big difference. You might as well treat yourself to a warm cup of coffee while you section through the dark timber. Here are our recommendations to get your kit dialed in before the seasons! 

- JetBoil Flash Stove System

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- Boils up to 2-cups of water in 100 seconds, all items (yes, including fuel canister) fit inside the pot and is a lightweight, packable option. 

- Add water and a Wild Society Instant coffee stick to round things out.

- MSR WindBurner 1.0L Stove System 

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- Great option for inclement and windy weather with an enclosed heat exchanger and windproof design. Boils water fast, no matter the weather, while not sacrificing packability or weight. 

- Add water and a Wild Society Honey Coffee instant stick or Ground Coffee

- MSR also makes a great Coffee Press kit for the 1.0L pot - a great addition to the pack if you prefer the Wild Society Ground Coffee! Find our bagged coffee here

- Every season, it seems a titanium spoon is lost or left behind - might as well re-up on one of these too. 

As long as you can boil some water and enjoy a cup of coffee, that's a win in our book. We wish you good luck this spring with warmer weather on the horizon. Whether that means getting back out on the trails, early morning training sessions, or in-search of early-season black bear, tag us in your adventures along the way.

We appreciate your support of the #WILDSOCIETY. 



Absolutely love this coffee, instant, no grounds or bitterness. Excellent for everyday or out, well done 👍🏻

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