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Why Wild Society Coffee

Why Wild Society Coffee

A cup of coffee is the cornerstone to start the day. As a community of adventures, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts based in Montana, we've taken it upon ourselves to bring you better coffee, from a better company. From the Aliulik Peninsula on Kodiak Island to Carmen Island, Mexico and everywhere in-between; we spent countless days in desolate places never satisfied with the camp coffee available. Be it the politics or the taste, no coffee out there satisfied our morning brew.

One morning around a camp fire in the middle of nowhere, we decided to take matters into our own hands. After two years of research, sourcing, field testing, and with help from several of the top coffee sommeliers in the world; we are pleased to offer a gourmet coffee that isn't limited to the confines of a coffee shop or barista stand.

Wild Society Coffee is founded in the American hunting and outdoor heritage. Experience great-tasting gourmet coffee in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of it all with microground instant coffee that can be made anywhere. Whether you are embarking on a once in a lifetime hunt, hiking the Continental Divide or prefer a pot of coffee at home; enjoy superb coffee as well as support worthy conservation projects.

20% of profits go towards actionable conservation projects that put resources back into wild places. Every dollar you spend with Wild Society is working to ensure that our love for the outdoors can continue for future generations to come.

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