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Microground Coffee: The Ultimate Hiking & Backpacking Cup On The Trail

Microground Coffee: The Ultimate Hiking & Backpacking Cup On The Trail

Coffee is the cornerstone of the morning. Even a pickup during the day can be a necessity. Easy to make at home, easy to go through the drive-thru, but on the trail the search for that perfect backcountry cup of coffee is anything but easy. Until now.

What Is Microground Instant Coffee?

The first instant coffee was American made in 1851 as a coffee/milk/sugar cake mixture that had the consistency and taste of axle grease when mixed with hot water. New technologies brought dry hot-air, high-vacuum, spray-dried, freeze-dried instant coffee blends but the consistency and taste didn't change much for the past 150 plus years.

Modern micro grinders have changed everything about instant coffee. The proprietary 3-grind process turns the freshest premium roasted coffee blends into an ultra fine ground that instantly dissolves in hot water, giving the coffee a perfect combination of aroma and taste. It's the freshest, simplest method for your next on-the-go cup of coffee.

How To Make The Perfect Microground Instant Coffee On The Trail?

Pour a packet of Wild Society Microground Instant Coffee into your favorite mug, fire up the Jetboil and add 6oz boiling water, then stir. To make a bigger cup, double up. It's the simplest, best tasting cup, you can make both on and off the trail. No more pour over or brew basket gadgets. No more cleaning ground coffee from mesh screens. No more intricate machines that produce immense waste. Each microground instant coffee packet weighs less than a quarter ounce for the ultimate in ultra light.

Wild Society Coffee Microground Instant Coffees

Wild Society Coffee only uses the finest arabica beans, superior in flavor and freshness, to launch the latest microground instant product line:

Instant Microground Colombian Blend
Only the highest grade supremo Colombian beans are used to create this chocolate-caramel-nut flavor profile. With a soft texture and a smooth nutty richness, this coffee is characterized by its refreshing flavor. This well-balanced coffee is an attractive bled that finishes with a calm acidity.

Instant Microground Honey Coffee
Plenty of honey with melting sweetness. Aggressively flavorful, Kilimanjaro premium coffee beans present a smooth, velvety texture with hints of black current. Real honey adds a mellow sweetness that overlaps with the depth and richness of the coffee to define a delicious taste.

Instant Microground Caramel Mocha
A café in the wild, anytime, anywhere. Rich Belgium chocolate and mellow caramel melted together with finely crushed hazelnut is the ultimate morning luxury. Dissolve it in hot milk and it will become a creamy café mocha. You might be roughing it, but your coffee doesn't have to suffer.

Instant coffee has come a long way since 1851. You won't be disappointed when you make the switch to Wild Society Instant Microground Coffee, try our new Colombian Blend to fuel up and get going here.

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